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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve developed a few classic asp applications that are being used by my orginization on the local intranet. My webmaster just emailed me and said that he wants me to migrate them to the new .net server. He said that classic ASP will be enabled for a while, but he really wants to move everything over to asp.net. 20 minutes later, he left for a two week vacation, and I didn&#039;t get the chance to ask him this question (and none of his staff could answer it as well), which is why I&#039;m posting it here: How will that affect my current code? I really don&#039;t know much about .net, so I&#039;m a little confused. Will this require me to re-write everything, or will I have to make just a few simple changes (maybe to my global.asa or whatever?).<BR><BR>I hope this makes sense and someone can answer my question.

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    If asp.classic is enabled on the new server, no problem.<BR><BR>If your apps are simple and well written, they may run in asp compat mode.<BR><BR>Chances are you will need to rewrite your apps in .Net.<BR><BR>That takes time... who will pay?

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