Session Variables vs. Requery SQL Server 2000 DB

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Thread: Session Variables vs. Requery SQL Server 2000 DB

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    I&#039;m creating a web application using ASP.NET.<BR>For the "main" part of this app - I&#039;m trying to decide if it is better to store some of my data that I will need to reuse on multiple pages in Session Variables or to just store the "key fields" in Session Variables and then when I get to the page that I need to access the data, run a Stored Procedure from my SQL 2000 DB.<BR>I will need to have lots of session variables (one set for login information, one set for customer information, and another set for call logs). I&#039;m beginning to think it might be best to only grab the "key" fields needed and just run the Stored Procedure(s) when needed.<BR><BR>In production environment, there will probably be a min. of 5 users to a max of 25 users at one time. I want to make sure I don&#039;t end up creating something that is going to overload my webserver. I understand that I can take advantage of "Out-of-Process Session on a Windows Server" and I probably will (I will try my best to get this to run on a seperate server). But just looking for some ideas as to what I can do here to make my app run as effeciently as possible.<BR><BR><BR>By the way, this forum is great - has answered a lot of my questions and made my life easier....THANKS!!!!<BR><BR>

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    In an effort to increase efficiency and decrease overhead, I would try to avoid session variables at all costs.<BR><BR>I would even recommend trying to find an alternate way to handle the "key" fields you mentioned.

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