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    I&#039;ve got an asp application that does goes against a SQL database. My hosting provider had recently applied some patches<BR>and my asp app started having problems directly related to the way I refer to tables in the database. An example would be...<BR><BR>delete from month_billing (now produces an error)<BR><BR>needed to be changed to...<BR><BR>delete from customer.month_billing<BR><BR>Yea, I can go through all my pages and add a reference to the<BR>database in front of all the tables but my questions are why is this happening, has anyone seen this, and is there a more global one line fix..?

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    Does your connection string specify the database? Because if it doesn&#039;t perhaps the default is being used. Make sure your string has the database argument, IE:<BR><BR>Server=servername;Database=DBName;User ID=XXX;Password=XXX<BR><BR>

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