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    Is it possible to use optional subroutine parameters in VBScript? Not a problem in VBA, but not working in VBScript<BR>ie. sub mysub(optional myvar)

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    No. Period.<BR><BR>But see www.learnasp.com for a way that Charles Carroll (I think)<BR>dreamed up that uses a Dictionary object to pass the parameters.<BR><BR>Simply put, the caller does <BR> Set parms = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")<BR> parms.Add "filename","c:fooey.txt"<BR> parms.Add "user","John Doe"<BR> Call someProc( parms )<BR><BR>and then in the function/procedure code you do<BR> Proc someProc( args )<BR> If args.Exists("filename") Then<BR> fname = args("filename")<BR> Else<BR> fname = "c:defaultpath
    ame.txt"<BR> End If<BR> If args.Exists("email") Then<BR> email = args("email") <BR> Else<BR> email = "homer@simpson.org"<BR> End If<BR> ... etc.<BR><BR>Ugly, clumsy, slow...but it works when nothing else will.<BR><BR><BR><BR> email = args("email"<BR> <BR>

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