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    Hi<BR><BR>when the surfer fills the order form.. instead of the data being filled to be sent by an be a file attched to an email<BR><BR>How to do this?<BR><BR>If any one has done this pls let me know how<BR><BR>Regards<BR>

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    Default Have to create the text file...

    ...using Scripting.FileSystemObject and then attach it. Look in the ASPFAQs (link at center above) for information on both of those.<BR><BR>But be aware this is problematical. You&#039;d have to find a way to make sure that the filename you use for each email is unique. Why wouldn&#039;t you want to just send the form contents as part of the body of the email? Again, see the ASPFAQs for how to do that.<BR><BR>

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