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    hii<BR>i am not able 2 find ans. to these ques.<BR>1)how can i find which page a user came from?<BR>2)how can i find who is accessing a page?<BR>3)how do i find out when a user leaves my site?<BR>4)how do i do a page counter with asp?<BR>5)when a user goes back he/she gets a page expired message,how do avoid it?

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    start searching

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    (1) Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") <BR><BR>(2) You can&#039;t. Period. You can get their IP address, but *millions* of people use AOL (just to pick one example) and yet there are only thousands of AOL IP addresses. And the same person may not get the same IP address next time.<BR><BR>(3) You can&#039;t. You can only know after the Session timeout expires. You can *try* to get sneaky using the &#060;BODY onUnload="..."&#062; event, but if the user simply closes the browser you won&#039;t get the event.<BR><BR>(4) Google for that. Too many different ways to answer here.<BR><BR>(5) If it&#039;s because the page used &#060;FORM METHOD=POST&#062; you can&#039;t, really. It&#039;s a security feature. If you mean some other circumstance, explain.<BR><BR>

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