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    the hashtable is a LIFO object. what is the best way to reverse it?<BR><BR>IEnumerator has three members: current, moveNext, and reset. i want to access the values in a FIFO sequence.<BR><BR>i considered enumerating the hashtable and copying all key-value pairs into a second hashtable, and then retrieving the values from the second hashtable. is there a better way to do this?<BR>

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    Default use a Queue

    Actually, a Hashtable is a key/value pair collection. I don&#039;t believe that the object order is guaranteed when enumerating through a Hashtable. It&#039;s also what is commonly refered to as an associative array. <BR><BR>If you need the key/value pair functionality, use a SortedList, which is a combination of an Array and a Hashtable (but once again, no guarantees on the order when enumerating).

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