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    I&#039;m running a stored procedure (passing in one variable) and then I need to return the results to my html/form page.<BR><BR>My results from the stored procedure may return multiple rows of data. I will not need to show all the columns that I return from the stored procedure (but will need to retain all the data so I can pass on to a new page) I need a new line on my html/form page for each row. I also need to add a "view button" to each line on my html/form page - this view button will direct me to a new page, where I will be able to edit any of the data from the previous page.<BR><BR>My question is, can I do this with a DataGrid and if so, how do I get the "view button" on each row (that corresponds with the data for that row)?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance....

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    Default Have you read...

    the articles on 4guys titled, "An extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control"? Here&#039;s a link to Part 1:<BR><BR>http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/040502-1.aspx<BR><BR>Skim through things you already know. At some point within the articles, you&#039;ll come across some info that will help you to accomplish what you&#039;re asking.

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