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    I am using the Editgrid control from microsoft.<BR>When i use a dropdownlist :<BR>&#060;SELECT NAME=sections&#062;&#060;OPTION&#062;Web&#060;/OPTION&#062;&#060;/SELECT&#062;<BR><BR>along with the Edit grid, I am unable to save the changes made to the edit <BR>grid.<BR><BR>If I remove the dropdown list, I can successfully save the changes made to <BR>the edit grid.<BR><BR>Can someone help....<BR><BR>Thanks....Rohit<BR>

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    Default Editgrid? D'you mean DataGrid?

    I assume you mean DataGrid with either EditCommandColumnn or EditItemTemplate. In either case, if you are trying to access the sections DropDown menu, it&#039;s not a server side control and will only be available via the Request object. <BR><BR>Show us the code and we&#039;ll sort you out.

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