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    What determines the expiration time of a cookie?<BR><BR>For example the server is in EST and the users are in CST. The cookie is set to expire 1 hour from login, What time zone determines the expiration? The users machine or the server?

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    Default Always the user's machine...

    ...but I *think* you can specify a time zone in the expiration time. ??? Should be able to, since Netscape invented the stuff and they based it all on JavaScript, which allows time zones.<BR><BR>Let&#039;s see what MSDN has to say...<BR><BR>hmmm...doesn&#039;t say anything useful. In fact, it implies that you can&#039;t set the time, only the date. Which I&#039;m pretty sure isn&#039;t true.<BR><BR>What about and their JS FAQ?<BR><BR>Well, this page:<BR>seems to imply you can use a GMT time, so maybe.<BR><BR>Grr...okay, GOOGLE.<BR><BR>Yep. Found it via "cookie expires time zone".<BR><BR><BR>expires=DATE <BR>The expires attribute specifies a date string that defines the valid life time of that cookie. Once the expiration date has been reached, the cookie will no longer be stored or given out. <BR>The date string is formatted as: <BR><BR>Wdy, DD-Mon-YYYY HH:MM:SS GMT<BR>This is based on RFC 822, RFC 850, RFC 1036, and RFC 1123, with the variations that the only legal time zone is GMT and the separators between the elements of the date must be dashes. <BR><BR>Now the big question: Does ASP automatically convert a date/time that you give it into *THAT* form, including the GMT????<BR><BR>*THAT* I do not know.<BR><BR>

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