I have a function that removes all the left over place holders.. (anything between the % signs)<BR><BR>I use %mainMenu%, %content%, %header%, etc. as my place holder that get replaced with data before rendering the page.<BR><BR>But I have a place holder %theme% that i don&#039;t want to be replaced by this function, in other words i want this function to errase all other place holders but leave %theme% in place, because that will be replaced before the page render..<BR><BR><BR>function clearLayout(strContent)<BR>set regExp = new regExp<BR>with regExp<BR>.Global = true<BR>.IgnoreCase = true<BR>.Pattern = "%(w*)%"<BR>end with<BR>clearLayout = regExp.Replace(strContent, "")<BR>set regExp = nothing<BR>end function<BR><BR><BR><BR>How can I modify this function so that it won&#039;t replace %theme%, but will replace everything else with a pattern %somethinghere%