Hi. Does anyone have any advice on this?<BR><BR>I have an Access database with two tables. Table A holds reports and Table B holds comments about those reports (there can be more than one comment for each report).<BR><BR>Ideally, what I&#039;d like is a single query that will bring back a list of ALL the reports from Table A and the first comment that each report recieved from Table B. Something along the lines of...<BR><BR>SELECT R.id, R.firstname, R.lastname, R.extension, R.room, R.department, R.issue, R.logged, (SELECT TOP 1 D.description<BR>FROM tbDescription AS D<BR>WHERE ((D.report_id)=tbReport.id)) AS description<BR>FROM tbReport AS R<BR>WHERE ((R.id)=D.report_id)<BR><BR>But that brings up an "Invalid Memo, OLE, or Hyperline Object in subquery &#039;D&#039;description". I assume thats because I&#039;m trying to bring back a Memo field - which is required because some of the descriptions can be 1000 characters long.<BR><BR>Any ideas what I could try?