Hi All,<BR>The problem that I am facing right now is this. I have around 50 websites running on a win 2000 server.But every 2-3 days I have to restart the web server because the CPu usage becomes 100%. <BR>I have identified a "dllhost" process that increases in size but does not free up any memory. Now is there any process so that I can identify the web page/pages that could be causing this problem.I also need to identify what actually causes the memory to consumed. <BR>I went through some of the code and I saw that a lot of objects have been just created but not dereferenced. But there are many files in project and it is a difficult process to go through them. <BR>Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find the web page/pages that cause the problem.?<BR>Will IIState help in identifying it?<BR><BR>thank you<BR>Meera