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    Our client&#039;s requirements for their proposed web-based ordering system are as follows: need to be able to take text input from a form and place it into a pre-defined .eps file with precise positioning, then convert the fonts to outlines, then create a .jpg preview for delivery back to the user.<BR><BR>The reason for this particular flow is that there will be pre-printed brochures, for example, that will need to be customizable for each of our client&#039;s store locations. There will be multiple vendors for the printing jobs for various brochure/business card/other items, so the output format needs to be the print industry standard .eps with fonts converted to outlines.<BR><BR>AspPDF looks like a good product, but I don&#039;t think it has the text to outlines feature that is required for this job.<BR><BR>Not looking to reinvent the wheel, just some suggestions on add-in components or if this is something that can already do and I just haven&#039;t read through the documentation enough.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR> <BR>

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    Default GDI+

    Look at the GDI+ documentation and google some articles ( for example). <BR><BR>You might also look at the iText and libraries ( You could possible extract some methods/info from t<BR>hem.

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