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    Default collections in classic asp

    Is it possible to pass a collection from one .asp page to another? I've created one in one page and I am redirected to another where I need to utilize the collection. Thanks in advance.

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    instead of using response.redirect "somepage.asp"<BR><BR>Use Server.Transfer "somepage.asp" <BR><BR>Take care tho, if this is going to be a busy page you might see a performance hit doing it...<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Well, it's possible, but...

    ...not normally a good idea. Reason is, the only way to do this is to save the object in a session variable and then retrieve it from the session variable in the other page. But objects in session variables cause performance problems.<BR><BR>However...If you mean that you will put the object into a session variable, do the redirect, and then immediately retrieve it and then clear the session variable...yeah, you could do that. Better than Response.Redirect for that, though, would be Server.Transfer, because then you will be assuring yourself of the fastest transfer time *and* you will be using the same thread, by default. (Whereas with Redirect the system has to hang the user out to dry until the thread with the session object is available, which is why session objects cause problems.)<BR><BR>Does that make sense?<BR><BR>

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