Hi my name is Duc Nguyen I am a student at Gannon University. I am working on a web base project for my Senior design. My project is To Automate the Testing Process. The requirements is that the System shall allows teacher to Create two type of questions. The questions either True or False or Multiple choices. For the Students they can log in to the system and take the test online. After submitting the test they can view there result. Since I know some ASP and SQL server is available at my school so I am thinking about implementing this project using front page as a font end design and SQL server as the back end data base. I don&#039t know if this is the best ways to appoarch my problem? If you have any sugguestion please let me know. Also if you know some of the web site that would be useful for me to take a looks at please let me know the URL. I am still fesh in web development, so any sugguestion would be very helpful for me.<BR>Thank you,<BR>Duc.