hi,<BR><BR> I have two tables and both are referenced. I want to perform Edit/Delete. I am displaying all the record in table format.<BR><BR>checkbox rollno batchno color_code(select control) qty<BR><BR>The user will check the checkbox to edit/delete the corr record. Rollno, batchno, qty are textboxes. I want to assign same name to all columns(rollno to txtRollNo) for all records. When i submit the form, how can i identify which record to modify/delete coz i want to do only the checked records.<BR><BR>I have two button for delete and edit.<BR>My aim is to check the checkbox and click Edit button to edit and delete button to delete.<BR>The form is generating dynamically by retrieving from the database. <BR>I am not sure that howmany records are there in the database.<BR>So, i want to assing same name to all controls(each field).<BR>Ex, rollno -&#062; txtRollNo<BR>batchno -&#062; txtBatchNo<BR><BR>If you select all checkboxes, there is no problem.<BR>If you select (1, 3, 4, 5) checkboxes, hown can i read particular data to edit.<BR>When you submit the form all the data is submitted.<BR>For rollno, 12, 23, 12, 23, 45, 45 (if there are 6 records). Coz i assigned same to rollno textboxes.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance