Anybody know what a database called "Sharepoint_Team" is? Is that something universal, or is that a company specific database?<BR><BR>My problem is this: I try to use web data administrator to log onto my database, and it works about half the time, but the other half the time I get this helpful message.<BR>Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Server user &#039;trey&#039; is not a valid user in database &#039;Sharepoint_Team&#039;<BR><BR>I think the problem might be because the server I try to log into has about 20 databases on it, and I just have access to one, and it might be trying to log me into the wrong one. Is there a way to specify an "Initial Catalog" on Web Data Administrator? I&#039;m dumbfounded. It only does this half the time (usually it screws up after lunch, but not before--today it worked earlier, but doesn&#039;t work now at 11:50).<BR><BR>Any idea what could be wrong?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Trey