I have a very weird issue whenever I page my datagrid to the next results set: <BR><BR>I have modeled a Master/Detail application from the &#039;101 VB.NET Samples&#039; from Microsoft. Here are the functional steps in my app: <BR><BR>1- user logs in, dgMain datagrid is bound to the form (main.aspx)in the Page_load <BR>2- user selects a company from the list via a pushbutton, dgDetails is bound to the form (main.aspx) listing all the financials for the company selected. <BR>3- user selects Pushbutton for the Financial Record they wish to edit, a redirect is launched to a WebForm named Financials.aspx. This form is populated with all the fields from that record. <BR>4- user selects Update button to commit changes, changes are commited to that row in the &#039;financials&#039; table of the DB AND user is redirected to another WebForm, Compliance.ASPX <BR>5- Session variables carry all the information needed from the Financials.aspx to the Compliance.aspx page. Label controls are populated with the Financials.aspx session variables that were passed. <BR>6- user makes edits on the Compliance.aspx page designed to update another table, &#039;Compliance&#039;. <BR>7- user selects Update button and the values of the corresponding labels-to-fields for the &#039;Compliance&#039; table are updated. <BR><BR>NOW,,,,, This ALL works perfectly until I select to Page to the next set of Records on EITHER datagrid of the main.aspx page. It fails out as soon as I try to commit the changes to the Compliance.aspx page. The error suggects that the value to find the Row to update in the Compliance table wasn&#039;t given.<BR><BR>What I don&#039;t understand is why it would work normally, but, not on a paged record?!!! I am using Session Variable to pass values from Financials.aspx to Compliance.aspx and using label.text values of the latter page for the Updates!!!! <BR><BR>Why would the PageIndexChange event have anything to do with this? I know this is the problem-spot because if I turn paing off, the the records that errored out before Now work!!!! <BR><BR>The only thing I can guess is that the FinancialsID value used to select the Row to populate the financials.aspx page from the datagrid on the main.aspx page gets cached somewhere. And that value is lost when I Page the datagrid......But I am grasping here..<BR><BR>Please throw me ANY ideas you may have!!!!!! I can set up a WebEx should someone like to view my code first-hand.<BR><BR>Thanks for anyone&#039;s help on this. This is my first post to this MessageBoard. I look forward to participating.<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Garrett Miller <BR>