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    Kristen Guest

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    How can I access a query in a database when the query&#039s name has a space in it? Doing it this way gives me errors:<BR> objRec.Open "My Query"<BR>Thanks!

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    I know this probably doesn&#039t sound very helpful, but spaces in fieldnames, tablenames, queries, etc.. is very bad programming practice, I would suggest you change your naming convention.

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    Kristen Guest

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    Yes you&#039re right but unfortunately, this particular database is absolutely huge with table links all over the place and I&#039m too lazy to go through the whole thing and change the query name where ever it&#039s referenced...

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    Kristen Guest

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    Oh nevermind, I surrounded the thing with brackets and it worked. Thanks for nothing everybody!! woohoo!! Just kidding, I love you all.<BR>

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