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    I&#039;ve googled but cant find any good websites that explains class creation in ASP or ASP.Net with explanation of inheritance, etc..<BR><BR>anyone with a good website?

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    Default Nothing to do with ASP/ASP.NET

    It all has to do with the *LANGUAGE* you are using.<BR><BR>Which language do you intend to use?<BR><BR>I should note that for ASP, neither VBScript nor JScript provide for inheritance. (JScript has a very weak and poor way of doing something like inheritance, but I wouldn&#039;t waste my time on it.)<BR><BR>On the other hand, all of the CLR languages used by ASP.NET support inheritance. As well as interfaces (which are akin to but not that same as class inheritance).<BR><BR>But pick a *language* and then go find a site that discusses that language, not ASP or ASP.NET.<BR><BR>

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