hi,<BR>I am displaying the results of the query in datagrid. Below the datagrid, I have the summary of the results return from the query and someother details about the query. To get this data displayed after the last row of the datagrid, I am using a table with the datagrid on the top row and the summary details on the bottom row. When I display the page, it works exactly like a flow layout like I wanted. The problem is when I tried to print the page, it is only printing 1 1/2 pages of datagrid and the remaining summary date after that. I think the datagrid is streaching the table row to 12 pages and when printing, it is clipping this particular table row. Can somebody help me fix this problem or propose a different solution to deal with displaying datagrid in middle of the page? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>ykc