easy question how do u have textarea with no scrol

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Thread: easy question how do u have textarea with no scrol

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    I was wodering if there is a way to stop the scroll bar in textarea? I tried noscrolling but didnt work. Help will be appretiated.<BR><BR>I have two line textarea and I only want the user to enter two lines no more than that but since I have scroll bar, they can enter more than one<BR><BR>PLEASE I really need help<BR><BR>Thanx in advance<BR>

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    Sorry, but you are out of luck. <BR><BR>Look here for an HTML reference manual<BR> http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/htmlguid/index.htm<BR>and if you look under FORMS and then under TEXTAREA you <BR>will see that there are NO options that allow you to control<BR>this.<BR><BR>The best you could do would be to write some JavaScript code <BR>that would check the length of what the user types in and,<BR>if it is too long, give an "alert" message that warns them<BR>that the text will be chopped off by the next page.<BR><BR>With a *LOT* of work, you could capture every keystroke and<BR>count the characters that the user put into the TEXTAREA. I<BR>don&#039t recommend this *at all* as you would have to worry about<BR>backspace, insert, delete, copy/paste, etc., etc. Probably<BR>not even possible in a cross-browser way.<BR><BR>A *much* simpler solution is to simply put up two standard<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE=TEXT&#062; controls, one under the other, and limit <BR>the size of each of them using MAXLENGTH. A bit uglier,<BR>but so much easier.<BR><BR>

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