I have successfully create a class for which I can place in an data into an array. See the example below. But my problem is I would like to keep adding to this array within a while, but for some reason it isn&#039;t working.<BR><BR>Public Class QuestionTypeAndAnswers<BR> Private m_QuestionType As Integer<BR> Private m_NumberOfAnswers As Integer<BR><BR> Public Property QuestionType() As Integer<BR> Get<BR> Return m_QuestionType<BR> End Get<BR> Set(ByVal Value As Integer)<BR> m_QuestionType = Value<BR> End Set<BR> End Property<BR><BR> Public Property NumberOfAnswers() As Integer<BR> Get<BR> Return m_NumberOfAnswers<BR> End Get<BR> Set(ByVal Value As Integer)<BR> m_NumberOfAnswers = Value<BR> End Set<BR> End Property<BR><BR><BR> Public Sub New(ByVal QuestionType As Integer, ByVal NumberOfAnswers As Integer)<BR> MyBase.new()<BR> Me.QuestionType = QuestionType<BR> Me.NumberOfAnswers = NumberOfAnswers<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Function GetQuestionType() As Integer<BR> Return QuestionType<BR> End Function<BR><BR> Function GetNumberOfAnswers() As Integer<BR> Return NumberOfAnswers<BR> End Function<BR> End Class<BR><BR>&#039;This works fine, but only if I want to load all the data in at once<BR><BR> Dim arQuestionTypeNumberAnswers() As QuestionTypeAndAnswers = {New QuestionTypeAndAnswers(sdr("question_Answer_Type") , NumberOfAnswers)}<BR><BR><BR>Problem:<BR><BR>This code doesn&#039;t work.. but it is what I am trying to do<BR><BR>Dim arQuestionTypeNumberAnswers() As QuestionTypeAndAnswers<BR><BR>While some condition<BR><BR>arQuestionTypeNumberAnswers() = {New QuestionTypeAndAnswers(sdr("question_Answer_Type") , NumberOfAnswers)}<BR><BR>End While<BR><BR>Is this possible another way?<BR><BR><BR>