I have an ASP table that I built that works much like a datagrid. Before you ask me why I didn&#039;t use a datagrid, it was for very good reasons. Anyways the table builds rows based on classes in a collection that is pulled from the db. Each Row in the table has a textbox cell and a button cell which are created dynamiclly. I have added an event hander to each buttons click event. There is also a footer with alot of controls in it(one of which is a button with an event handler) that is add and removed from the table frequently. The table has the ablitilty to have new items added to it. Following the adding of a new row the foot is removed from the table. My problem is when I add a new item and then remove the footer(in that order) it seems that the button on the new item row calls the function for the event handling of the button from the removed footer, and not the function it should be calling, but when I refresh the page it calls the right function and I no longer have the problem. I&#039;ve checked to make sure nothing is getting mixed up in the AddHandler Statment but it&#039;s all correct. It almost seems like when I remove the footer the handler from the footer button is moved to the next item in the list(the newly added item) and when I refresh it fixes it&#039;s self when it rebuilds the table without the footer at all. Has anyone else ever had this problem or no what&#039;s going wrong? <BR><BR>I&#039;d put my code in but there&#039;s a ton of it, you&#039;d have to look at my entire control to see what&#039;s going on.