Thanks to Garth, who tried to help last week; but I guess I didn&#039t explain my problem too well. I&#039m running a web page against an Access database. On a particular form, I ask viewers to give me their email address and then I have them answer 10 multiple choice questions, each of which has a correct answer (A, B, C, or D). After they click the submit button, I insert their information into the database and I want to immediately bring up a new page that has their grade ("Congratulations! You got 10 out of 10!" or something to that effect). The answers for each question are stored in a separate table in the database. In order to do what I want, I need to capture their email address (the PK) and pass it to the GRADE.asp page, which needs to query the answer table using the information just submitted. I admit I&#039m a complete newbie at this. This has got to be a simple task, but I just can&#039t figure it out! ;-(