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    I need to create an asp page to execute several Stored Procedures but that needs to be done using a scheduler from the front end. I cannot use SQL Scheduler because this is a user driven app. The inputs given will be the days of the week/ or can state something like every tuesday at a particular time etc. Similar to the windows scheduler -- could any of you point me to any right resource or snippet that will be great.<BR>Thanks!

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    Default I'm not sure I understand.

    If it&#039;s a user driven app, then shouldn&#039;t the user be the one responsible for running it? <BR><BR>Aside from that, I&#039;m not sure why you can&#039;t just set it to run every Tuesday with the SQL scheduler and use GETDATE() in your procedure if you want to find out when it&#039;s actually being run.

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    Default RE: I'm not sure I understand.

    I&#039;m working on the same thing.<BR>This is an example of an internal process doing the scheduling:<BR><BR><BR><BR>This is a wrapper on the windows scheduler:<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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