Hi i am working in asp.net <BR><BR>in my dataset i am using Parent,ChildTables.Like below i am maintaing the relation between 2 tables.<BR><BR>OleDbDataAdapter2.Fill(Dataset21, ChildTable)<BR>OleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(Dataset21, ParentTable)<BR><BR> If (Dataset21.Relations.Count &#060; 1) Then<BR> relApserverIntalledApp = New DataRelation("Relat1", Dataset21.Tables(ParentTable).Columns("id"), Dataset21.Tables(ChildTable).Columns("Serverid"))< BR> Dataset21.Relations.Add(relApserverIntalledApp)<BR > End If<BR><BR><BR>In one case i want to delete the parenttable from my dataset and want to add it again.<BR>i am doing like below<BR>sbSQl.Append(" select * from Parenttable wehere ....")<BR><BR>Me.OleDbSelectCommand1.CommandText = sbSQl.ToString<BR>Me.OleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(Datase t21.Tables(ParentTable)))<BR>Session.Add("TempTabl e", Dataset21.Tables(ParentTable)))<BR><BR><BR>then here i am adding the session temptable to dataset21 and want to delete the parent table from dataset <BR>when i try to delete the table from data set like below <BR><BR><BR>Dataset21.Tables.Remove(ParentTable)(h ere i tried first remove from childtable then parent still same below error)<BR>But it saying <BR>Cannot remove table parenttable, because it referenced in ForeignKeyConstraint xxx. Remove the constraint first.<BR><BR><BR>when i try to remove the constraint its giving can&#039;t remove Constraint because its primay key ...<BR><BR>so how to delete the table from my dataset21??<BR><BR>