Error on date since server crashed!

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Thread: Error on date since server crashed!

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    Our server that hosts an intranet shut down the other day for no reason. After rebooting it the intranet keeps showing an error where a date script is run.<BR><BR>checked the server and all regional settings are UK (I am in the UK). All was working before this crash but not since. Any help is most appreciated. <BR><BR>The date script is:<BR><BR>&#060;% &#039;Start Date<BR> Dim TodayDate<BR> TodayDate = Split (FormatDateTime(Date,1),",",2)<BR> Response.Write ( TodayDate(1) )<BR> %&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>and the error I keep getting is:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a0009&#039; <BR><BR>Subscript out of range: &#039;[number: 1]&#039; <BR><BR>/class/sop/SOP_colourseps.asp, line 1140 <BR><BR>I checked it was this date script by removing it and the page loaded fine.<BR><BR>please help.

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    Default Well it appears that what this

    is doing is parsing the Day from the date, this is what my test is showing here anyway. This line:<BR><BR>FormatDateTime(Date,1)<BR>Returns this for me: Sunday, October 24, 2004 <BR><BR>Then you split it on the comma returning two elements and get:<BR>October 24, 2004 <BR><BR>I think you need to look at what you&#039;re getting back from that line of code. Comment out your split line and just response write out the FormatDateTime(Date,1) results. It&#039;s probably not returning what it should.<BR><BR><BR>

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