This is a most infuriating problem.<BR><BR>I have one login.asp page on my localhost:<BR><BR>....<BR>session("vandv_user_mana ger") = TRUE<BR>Session("personid")=pid<BR>response.redire ct("users.asp")<BR>....<BR><BR>and on my users.asp page I can do a:<BR><BR>response.write session("vandv_user_manager")<BR><BR>and that returns &#039;True&#039;. I can also do the same on the login.asp page to confirm the session is set.<BR><BR>So in this example the response.redirect works, and no session variables are lost.<BR><BR>----------------<BR><BR>On another page (login1.asp), in a different directory, I do this:<BR><BR>....<BR>session("vandv_subs_user") = TRUE<BR>Session("userid")=uid<BR>response.redirect ("pdf_frame.asp")<BR>....<BR><BR>If I do a response.write session("vandv_subs_user") on login1.asp I get a True.<BR><BR>However, on the pdf_frame.asp page, the session variables are lost, as the response.write returns nothing.<BR><BR>This is strange - the code is the same in the two examples, the only thing different is the directories they sit in, but how can that make a difference?<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim