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    I create a page in ASP with parameters.<BR>Users have the possibility to print this page, but the url (with the parameters) appear. <BR>Is there a way to hide parameters? <BR>(I am forced to use parameters because this page is created automically when my database is modified)

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    If you&#039re using parameters, I guess you mean this is in the form of a query string. If so, then one way of hiding them would be to call the page using a form. If the form&#039s method is set to POST, then you can use still use Request("parameter_name"), or Request.Form("parameter_name") to get them. By doing so, the parameters will not appear in the URL.<BR><BR>Paul.

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    I&#039m in a unique situation (w/a 3rd party tool) that requires us to use a get (instead of a POST). <BR><BR>I use a HIDDEN FRAME to hide the Querysring (aka parameters) in the URI.<BR><BR>

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