how to pass database value into flash using asp co

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Thread: how to pass database value into flash using asp co

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    i am currently doing a application that will be using asp form to input values into the databases, and retrieve it form the databases to display in a flash MX bar chart in another asp page.<BR><BR>i have got all the code done, it is able to retrieve and input into the databases. and the problem i encounter now is HOW TO PASS THE VALUES INTO THE FLASH FOR THE DISPLAYING PURPOSES. <BR><BR>so far form my reseacrh: one way was using the action script in the flash MX but i couldn&#039;t manage to retrieve the value that was call from the database in the asp files.<BR><BR>i would like to know:<BR>can the action acript call for the flash values form the asp files or directly from the database or<BR><BR>is there any better ideas beside using the actionscript to retrieve the values in the database. needed urgently... thanks you...

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    ...then you have two options:<BR><BR>1. Include it in the SRC of the flash:<BR>src="myFlash.swf?myVar=1"<BR>Google for tutorials and it&#039;ll show you how to reference it.<BR>2. Use Flash to request an ASP page using its built-in routines for requesting variables (loadVariables, from memory) or the XML-handling routines (and make your ASP page output XML).<BR><BR>#2 is my favourite, but it requires that you&#039;re comfortable with ActionScript.<BR><BR>Again, either solution there&#039;s a boatload of tutorials out there.<BR><BR>Craig.

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