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    I have a website(say "Website A") that&#039;s running on IIS. It basically serves the static html pages. There&#039;s another website (say "Website B") which has a link that redirects the control to "Website A". I want the "Website A" to be accessed only via the link on "Website B" and not from something like<BR><BR>How can I block the access for Website A so that the above criteria is met.<BR><BR>Early response would be appreciated

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    There&#039;s no simple way. The browser MAY send a REFERER header in its request. You could check that.<BR><BR>However, certain browsers (and certain proxies/routers) will strip this information from outgoing requests. Even client-side applications such as Norton Internet Security do this.<BR><BR>So you can&#039;t rely on it.<BR><BR>Remember: separate HTTP requests don&#039;t ever have "ties". You can&#039;t tell that request B was preceeded by request A. In fact, you don&#039;t even necessarily know that request A occurred.<BR><BR>Craig.

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