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Thread: ASP.NET and CSS

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    Default ASP.NET and CSS

    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve just noticed a problem with a site after linking a CSS to it, I&#039;ve looked around the web a little but can&#039;t find anything, the problem is that when I click the back button it looses the style sheet, I&#039;ve uploaded an example to:<BR><BR><BR><BR>(click log-in or something and then click the back button to see the page without all the CSS in place (but oddly enough the divs are in the right plaecs)<BR><BR>I did find something about assigning it in the Page_PreRender handler ( but can&#039;t work that out at all, can someone help?<BR><BR>Cheers.<BR><BR>Tim

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    Default RE: ASP.NET and CSS

    Works fine for me (IE6).

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    Default Works for me too, try clearing your browser cache

    Or just set the browser to look for a new page with every visit to the site.

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