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    I am trying to create Dynamic Control based on the radiobutton&#039;s selection. I am having problem with one of the dynamic dropdownlist.<BR><BR>The Code of the Dropdownlist creation:<BR>Dim ReportType As New DropDownList<BR>ReportType.id = "ddlReportType"<BR>ReportType.Attributes("RunA t") = "server"<BR>ReportType.AutoPostBack = True<BR>ReportType.Attributes("OnSelectedIndexChan ged") = "Changed"<BR>ReportType.EnableViewState = True<BR>ReportType.CssClass = "formstyle"<BR>ReportType.Items.Add("Please Select")<BR>ReportType.Items.Add("--------------")<BR>ReportType.Items.Add("Daily")<BR>ReportType. Items.Add("Weekly")<BR>ReportType.Items.Add("Month ly Sales Report")<BR>ReportType.Databind()<BR><BR>Now, I were to change the selection from the dropdownlist, the whole panel&#039;s dynamic web controls will disappear due to the postback. Plus it did not run the OnSelectedIndexChanged&#039;s event. Is there any way to solve the problems?

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    Dynamic controls need to be recreated on every subsequent postback. Dynamically assigned event handlers need to be reassigned on every subsequent postback. There is a tutorial available on http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/. Please read it.

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