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    Hi,<BR><BR>I dynamically create user controls and add them to an html table at runtime. <BR>The user control contains a datalist which I want to populate before adding<BR>to the html table. Would I need to first add the control to the pages control<BR>list and then iterate thru all of the forms control in order to get a handle to<BR>the datalist, and then bind, or can i use the instance of the user control i just<BR>created, iterate thru its controls(as it is a container ie html table), find the <BR>datalist and then populate? Do you have an article dealing with this topic?<BR><BR>btw. How do I split an html table row horizontally or vertically programatically.<BR><BR>Many thanks,<BR>Dion.

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    What don&#039;t you create a public property of type DataList in the user control that references the actual data list in the control.<BR><BR>Or create a public method in the control that populates the data list. The caller can pass the necessary parameters to the operation and the opertion can bind the DataList with those parameters.

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