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    Topic : I have a datagrid (ASP.NET) and i need to bind this datagrid to a Database table. the number of records to be bound are, say... 100,000 or more...<BR>Agenda : How to achive this, while keeping the datafetching process very fast and the paging with out POSTBACK...<BR>Idea: using some XSLT , XML, or something?<BR><BR>Adressing Issue : the issue of getting 100,000 or more data can be achieved by keeping a composite key and retriving only 10 records from database at a time to show in the datagrid and when the user clicks next or previous we can use that composite key to fetch the next batch of data. Makin it seem that all the data is in the datagrid but actually its still in the DB.<BR>That is not a very big deal<BR><BR>Next Issue : the issue of paging without postback, that mean the data should all be out of the DB? or using the XSLT to pipe the data to the cliet and updata the datagrid?<BR>Anybody would like to comment on this?<BR>thanks and appreciate your time.<BR>

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    I cannot think of any business requirement that would require sucking down 100,000 records to a web page. From a usability perspective, no human can deal with that much data. So, you solve that problem by using paging. However, a datagrid&#039;s default paging behavior gets ALL the records, regardless of what page it is currently showing. This introduces a performance problem: the latency would increase significantly. It is my opinion that the business requirments, usability issues, and performance issues would be balanced by taking the hit of doing postbacks and implementing custom paging. The three paging models, custom paging included, are documented clearly by Microsoft. You can start here: asp

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    Default I agree with Meta

    No user is going to be able to work with that amount of data. I&#039;ll even go out on a limb and say that no user is probably going to "page" through 100,000 records to find the ones they need either. ; )<BR><BR>I think you might need to re-think the design a little and the search functionality you are providing for users to find their data. <BR><BR>Obviously if you haven&#039;t already, I would talk to your users and find out what makes sense for them.<BR>

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