Hi! I have a complicated problem here. So, I think it is better if you can login to take a look of my problem. User ID and password is tester<BR><BR>http://portfolio.findingsteve.net/production_system/member_login.asp<BR><BR>There are 2 sample sales report inside. The focus is DK No 0826 which is in page no 7 in sales report 2 and date 22-05-2004 in sales report 1. <BR><BR>How come after group together in one date, the value change?<BR><BR>My code is in <BR><BR>http://portfolio.findingsteve.net/production_system/sample_sales_report_code.zip<BR><BR>I have put necessary code there. I zip it because I don&#039;t how to display my length code. Thanks.