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    I tried posting this before but it didn&#039;t work....<BR><BR>I am just curious how some sites that are database driven make the address bar look like subfolders. EX: on the website, if I go to the page for the movie &#039;minority report&#039; the address bar reads How does this work? I think it looks cleaner than something like I know for a fact that this particular website runs on Linux, but I have heard that ASP can do the same thing. Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Thanks guys!<BR>Matt

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    Those sites are using Virtual directories...<BR><BR>A virtual path is a link created for the website that points to a physical directory. The folders usually are created at the root of the server. (ie: title/tt0181689/ points to D: itle t0181689)<BR><BR>Where the root folder for website might be located at something like<BR>d:htmluserswebsitenamehtml <BR>

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