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    Let me explain what I am trying to do.<BR><BR>On a page is a print button which on clicking will bring up a report in a new window. (The page the button is on is not the report.) The report is an asp rendered html file. My customer does not want the report to come up and select File-Print from the browser window. He wants the report to go straight to the printer. That is impossible with internet. My workaround is to open the report in a window outside of the visible area of the screen and at the end of the report I put<BR><BR>window.print()<BR>window.close()<BR><BR >Now on clicking the print button, the Print dialog box comes up. But after printing, the report windows does not close itself. I have to close the report window (without user intervention)from another page which the user will navigate to or from the same page with the button.<BR><BR>My question is how to close an open window from another page that does not open it?<BR><BR>There may be better method to achieve what I want. Any idea welcome.<BR><BR>I posted the question yesterday and there were a couple of responses. Interested please look at<BR>

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    This is from the solutions yesterday...<BR><BR>Looks like a good solution to me.<BR><BR>maybe popup.print() in there too...

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