This may not be directly related to ASP, but I thought someone might know the answer and I’m going to use the technique within an ASP page.<BR><BR>I viewed a clip on and before it brought the clip up, it said it was conducting a test to determine compatible media formats such as windows media, real player, and quick time.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to programmatically determine a client’s available media player types?<BR><BR>Specifically, for my application, I have two video clips and I allow the user to choose the media type out of Flash, Windows Media, and Real Player and I play it for them under the format they chose.<BR><BR>I would like to customize my page to only show them the media types they have installed on their computer. And, if they have no types installed, I’ll provide links so they can comply.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any information on this? Please advise.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jason