I&#039;m using the RC4 Encryption algorithm from 4Guys, but I&#039;m having problems on the decoding end. I want to perform an action on another website, but I want that action protected. For the data transfer, I&#039;m encrypting and email address and an id value. On the other end, I want to check the email address for a valid user, then perform my action with the id. Once I&#039;ve encrypted the email and id, i&#039;m using server.urlencode to make sure the data doesn&#039;t contain any invlaid values in a url. I&#039;ve read in other articles here on 4Guys that decoding the value is not necessary when using Request("myString") and I have verified this with some testing. When the decrypt function is called, I only get a successful decryption, but only with the first part of the string. In other words, if i encrypt the string "myemail@mydomain.com,1", when it is decrypted I only get "myemail@myd". When I view the encrypted strings on both the sender and the reciever end, the strings match character for character.<BR><BR>Any ideas out there?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Chuck