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    stephic Guest

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    In my projetc, I have a field to let user login. How do I avoid<BR>2 user using same login name that mean userA login using a pcA and userB login using same name but in pc B, pls help me

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    peter truong Guest

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    You can do it this way: create a small database or add another table into you current database that contains at least 2 fields, login id, and password. You then have your Session_OnStart() to open that table / database and check for the ID and password.<BR>Anytime a user login, you will insert his/her id,pass to that table (this is done in Session_OnStart) and it will be removed once he/she log off (this is done in Session_OnEnd)<BR>By storing user ID and Pass in the table, anytime a user log in, it will check the table to see if a particular id/pass is in there. If not, the user sucessfully login; otherwise, he/she will be redirect to another page where you can specify the error message you want to display to the user.<BR>Hope this will help you.

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