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    Hi Bill,<BR><BR>With the Response_Date, the problem is solved because I limited the number of records by restricting the date to the previous day&#039;s date in Report table itself. That solved the problem.<BR>May be huge data was causing the problem.<BR><BR>Now, I have another problem.<BR><BR>As I mentioned, I have an ODBC link from the Access to the sql server tables. I&#039;m able to run the query from the access db itself. But I&#039;m not able to run the queries from my .NET code. But if I create a local table within the Access with the same data, then I&#039;m able to run those queries from my .NET code.<BR><BR>I had a feeling it is because the tables are all linked to the sql server and it takes time,so I put a sleep for a few minutes allowing to run the query and generate the result set, but that did not help.<BR><BR>Can you help in finding why it is not able to display the resultset?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>

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    Default Never used Access & SQL Server together...

    But if I was goint to try to do so, I&#039;d *probably* choose to connect to SQL Server and make Access the external DB, instead of vice versa. Probably more efficient.<BR><BR>But no idea why it all times out on you.<BR><BR>

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