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Thread: "Declaration expected" error!!!

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    Default "Declaration expected" error!!!

    Here is the problem :<BR><BR>Compiler Error Message: BC30188: Declaration expected.<BR>Source Error:<BR>Line 12: <BR>Line 13: dim veri_adaptor as OleDbDataAdapter<BR>Line 14: veri_adaptor= new OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM kullanici ORDER BY id",dbconnect )<BR>Line 15: <BR>Line 16: <BR> <BR><BR>here is the code:<BR>-------------------------<BR>&#060;%@ Page Language="VB" %&#062;<BR>&#060;%@ import Namespace="system.data" %&#062;<BR>&#060;%@ import Namespace="System.Data.OleDb" %&#062;<BR>&#060;script runat="server"&#062;<BR><BR> dim dbconnect as new oledbconnection("provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; data source=C:Documents and SettingsEQ ozurlu IQ canavarMy Documentsdata1.mdb")<BR><BR> dim ds as dataset<BR><BR> &#039; dataadapter a veritabanindaki islemler yukleniyor<BR><BR><BR> dim veri_adaptor as OleDbDataAdapter<BR> veri_adaptor= new OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM kullanici ORDER BY id",dbconnect )<BR><BR><BR> &#039; commandbuilder adapter için tanimlaniyo<BR> dim command as new oledbcommandbuilder(veri_adaptor)<BR><BR> &#039;data adapterdeki veriler dataset e yüklenir<BR> veri_adaptor.fill(ds, "yeni_tablo")<BR>----------------------<BR><BR>i cant understand whats wrong??,...

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    Default I did a quick Google for the...

    ...error message ("BC30188: Declaration expected") and came up with this: http://ryangregg.com/archive/2004/04/22/792.aspx<BR><BR>Worth trying Google first.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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