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    I&#039;d like to have any help from you...<BR>After SELECT&#039;ing a bunch of records from the database, I show the first 25, and a button to move down to the next 25 records, and so on.<BR>My problem is how to move up... I could read all records from start then check for the first record just shown, then MoveBack 25 records and display the 25 starting from this one. This works... But I suppose that&#039;s not the best way.<BR>Can anyone tell me any sample of how can I do that?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help you can provide me.<BR><BR>Fernando

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    There are various methods used to "paginate" the results, and some depend on the DBMS you are using.<BR><BR>For example, MySQL lets you use "TOP" and "OFFSET" to achieve this 100% in a single SQL Query. With SQL Server you may decide to use a stored procedure, or a temporary table. You may even decide to cache different iterations of your data in a temporary table or view to improve performance.<BR><BR>I suggest you Google for some really good tutorials on pagination.<BR><BR>Craig.

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