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    Hi guys.<BR>I have a number of general questions regarding the use of an MSDE database against an asp application.<BR><BR>Firstly, is it possible? I can only see examples on the net for<BR><BR>Secondly, if so could someone provide an example of a connection string.<BR><BR>Lastly, is it worthwhile or would it be easier to stay with access? And is setting permissions a headache?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default RE: Asp and MSDE d=firefox<BR>There&#039;s at least one answer on that page concerning ASP (not .NET).<BR><BR>But, the short answer is that MSDE is basically SQL Server. You should be able to connect to it in the same way as SQL Server, I would have thought.<BR><BR>Try a standard OLEDB connection to SQL Server and see what happens.<BR><BR>Craig.

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