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    I've created a fairly straight forward app that displays data in a datagrid, allowing in place editing. One issue I have is that when I click on "edit" the cells in the row are opened as text boxes that are at times much to big. How and where would I specify the size of the column/text box when in edit mode? Note also that I'd probably like to custom size each cell when in edit mode. Thanks!

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    A couple of ways you could handle this....<BR><BR>First would be to specify your own EditItemTemplate for the column or columns in question. That way, you can place a TextBox control on the page and set the Columns property.<BR><BR>The other way to do it would be to provide an event handler for the OnItemDataBound event. In the event handler, you would get a reference to the specific textbox controls you want to manipulate, then set the Columns property for each of them.

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