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    I am looking for an object or dotnet method of multiple file download with one click. Zipping files is not an option. If you have seen a good example of this or know of a good object please reply.<BR><BR>Thanks for any assistance

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    Default Well, you would need...

    ...some sort of ActiveX *client-side* control, just for starters. And that means that your user(s) would have to give permission to that object to allow it to run in their browsers.<BR><BR>I would suggest that a better scheme might be to build a stand-alone application (e.g., a VB-written ".exe") that would use FTP to do the downloads. More efficient, in some ways easier, since if the person trusts you enough to download and run the ".exe" there are no browser hassles.<BR><BR>Or I guess you *could* do this via a browser-based ActiveX control that uses FTP.<BR><BR>I *think* there is a company who makes a "smart download" control, but I can&#039;t find it offhand. You might try searching on to see if they have it listed.<BR>

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