I am working on a project which requires me to customize an application <BR>which we have developed using IIS/ASP/Site Server 3.0 and MS SQL 7.0 to <BR>Oracle database. <BR><BR>I want clarification on following : <BR><BR>a ) Is it true that only Orcle ver 8 is compatible with Site Server 3.0 <BR> ( i.e it is not compatible with Oracle 8i). <BR><BR>b ) Are there any compatibility problem with ADO&#039s and Oracle... any thing <BR>which one needs to look in particulary. <BR><BR>c ) Which driver should be used MS ODBC for Orcle or Oracle&#039s ODBC driver ? <BR> if so which version ? <BR><BR>d) Can I use REF CURSOR IN ORACLE 8..<BR><BR>thanks in advance for help <BR><BR>rgds <BR>ashish <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>